SCR Honeycomb catalysts

CERAM catalysts are used in a wide variety of applications all over the world. Our customers benefit from our international experience. 




CERAM continues to develop innovatove catalysts optimized fo the toughest tasks. We customize our catalyst products for all customer specific requirements. Wheter the emissions from our plant contain large amounts of fly ash or none at all, you´ll find we have a solution that meets your needs.


Power Stations                        

Waste incinerators           

Mobile Applications           


Coal  Bituminous coal

         Subbituminous coal



Oil     Residual or heavy oil

         Destillate of lightoil



Gas and diesel engines

Gas turbines

           Combined cycle
           Simple cycle

Household waste

Special waste


Medical waste



Marine engines

Automotive diesel engines

Railway diesel engines

Construction plant




Cement works

Fluid catalytic crackers (FCC)


Ethylene crackers

Nitric acid plants




Oxidation catalyst
Our oxidation catalysts used to reduce carbon monoxide, VOC and ammonia emissions. As with SCR catalysts, the catalyst carrier material is titania. Platinum and/or palladium are the active components.

SCR honeyomc catalyst
Our honeycomb catalyst can be tailored to customer specifications by varying the vanadia content. Our products are suitable for temperatures between 150°C and 550°C / 300°F and 1020°F



Combined catalysts
These are combined catalysts that simultaneously oxidize carbon monoxide, VOCs and ammonia. 





CERAM catalysts are renowned for achieving the highest quality standards. The IBIDEN Porzellanfabrik Frauenthal plant is certified to ISO 9001. Our laboratory helps maintain the high quality standards by frequently testing the products. The CERAM laboratory performs more than 1500 catalyst activity tests per year. In benchmark testing our laboratory has been proven superior, achieving results just 0.1% from the proven avreage of tests from all other laboratories. Apart from the catalytic performance, which is defined by the NOx reduction activity and the SO2/SO3 conversion rate, the lab measures numerous physical and geometric parameters. This data makes it possible to accurately determine the performance of a new catalyst, establishing the baseline for follow-up tests of aged catalysts.






The purpose of tests on aged catalyst is to determine the remaining useful life and evluate system performance possibilties. Reliable estimates can be made of when additional or replacement catalyst will be needed. We offer this service not only to buyers of our catalysts but also users of other products. CERAM´s proprietary catalyst evaluation tools assure that accurate recommoendations are made minimizing the end-users risks and cost.




CERAM´s CATLife (R)™ after market services program is targeted at minimizing the risks costs associated with catalyst and SCR system opration. This comprehensive program is offered in a number of countries. A custome service solution is developed to meet every power station operator’s individual needs.
The CATLife (R)™ program features the following services:


  •  Ammonia injection grid tuning
  • SCR oprations data assessment, reporting and troublshooting
  • Reactor inspections and reporting
  • Catalyst testing and results analysis
  • Catalyst management planning
  • Manage CATLife(R) Model - proprietary software for evaluation of various SCR oprtaions and catalyst management strategies
  • Catalyst rejuvenation and regeneration assessments and procurement support
  • Fuel change assessments
  • SCR operations and maintenance planning
  • Minimum operating tempreature assessments
  • Increased NOx removal assessments and implementation


PDF Download Production process and reaction decrption (CERAM SCR Catalysts)   


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