Casting filters


  • For light metal, grey cast and ductile iron casting
  • Control, direct and filter the molten metal flow
  • Available in cell densities of 50–400 cpsi
  • Suitable for grey cast iron, ductile iron, vermicular iron and other casting processes that place heavy demands on filters
  • Have a free cross-section of 60–75% (depending on the format)
  • Remove slag, sand and other unwanted particles from the melt
  • Excellent slag accumulation and separation properties
  • Reduce or eliminate turbulence in the metal flow

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Benefits of Ceram casting filters:

  • The honeycomb shape results in an even, laminar flow and constant casting cycle times. The absence of turbulence prevents oxidation.
  • Metal is able to flow through 60–70% of the entire filter area.
  • Flashes and runners do not break off and do not have to be removed from the casting.
  • Insertion of light filters with smooth surfaces does not result in damage to sand surfaces that could lead to erosion.